Living Justice

Honeycomb Conversations

Sharing an education through the senses

Living justice is rooted in the understanding that we live within sacred kinship with each other and animate Earth. As a contemporary ritual, Honeycomb Conversations draws on the power of the honeybee bring people together, to nourish our thinking, and to provide tangible experiences of our Earthly co-dependence. As an education through the senses, the ritual has been shared in spaces such as Tate Britain and the Sustainability Institute. 

While words or images may inform, the experience of tasting tiny amounts of honey within the ritual inspire a deeper embodied knowing. This knowledge is made all the more powerful by being linked to our past, our experiences and our personal history and by sharing that experience with another. We became aware of our collective human relationship to bees, and once gained, that consciousness can inspire new ideas and actions in our everyday lives.

The ritual was not just about sharing existing knowledge, but creating insights that did not exist before, through the process of uncovering what our bodies have learned, without us realising that we have learned these things.

Participant at Honeycomb Conversations commissioned by Home Live Art + Tate Britain